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MultiLibTM is an easy-to-use library for the design of multi-layered circuits with high precision, full wave element models

IMST uses it experience in circuit designing and simulation software tools, to release a new state-of-the-art and easy-to-use library for rapid circuit designing & fabrication.

MultiLibTM is a modelling & layout library for Agilents ADS and provides new palettes of planar and multi layer components.

It bridges the gap between circuit designing using simple element models and the excellent element models of a 3D-FDTD simulation. MultiLibTM provides a comprehensive library with emphasis on both accuracy and efficiency.

MultiLibTM provides a wide range of planar and multi layer components.

  • Lines and discontinuities: lines, steps, tapers, gaps, stubs, opens, shorts.
  • Junctions: single, horizontal and vertical coupled bends, tees, crosses.
  • Vias with 1,2,3 and more connection lines.
  • Standard capacitors, inductors, coupler and interconnections
  • horizontal and vertically coupled lines, steps, tapers, stubs.

All elements are modelled using the 3D-FDTD field simulation technique, which gives excellent results. Together with the above feature, the automatic layout generation tool makes rapid prototyping of circuits possible.

The simulation time increases with the complexity of the circuit elements. In order to reduce the simulation time for the optimisation process, an advanced data management scheme which automatically saves the simulation results for the user to have a quick access to it, is integrated in the software. The optimization options of Agilents ADS can be exploited as usual.

The unique library results from:
  • Our vast experience in MMIC design
  • The development of planar and multi layered circuits
  • The in house hybrid and the new in house LTCC prototyping technology
  • Modelling & Simulation tools experience with EmpireTM and CoplanTM and Topas
  • The working experience with Agilents ADS and its model interfaces (results from Coplan/Topas-software)
  • Special multi-layer circuit simulation knowledge with Empire
Latest version MultiLib 2.00 is released!

Take a closer look to the new version and its changes here.