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Installation guide
Current version is 2.05

Supported ADS versions
  • This Design Kit is build for ADS2016.01 and earlier on Windows.
  • If you want to install MultiLib for ADS2009, please follow this link


  • This is a SINGLE USER version, do not work with two persons at the same time with the same MultiLib Installation.
  • MultiLib needs a license key. Please contact to get a free demo key.

More information

  • Have a look at the release page for latest information, new documentaries, FAQ and more help.
  • Don't hesitate to contact if you have any question.



  • Step 1: Install MultiLib Design Kit
  • Step 2: Install MultiLib Design Guide
  • Step 3: Install License Keys

Step 1: Install Design Kit

From the ADS main window menu

  • select DesignKits
    • Press "Unzip Design Kit ..." button
    • Select File : (just downloaded)
    • to the users default directory, usually C:\users\your_name
    • Press OK and please be patience, this could need few minutes
  • Activate MultiLib Library
    • open your WorkSpace
    • Main Window > Design Kits > Manage Libraries...
    • Press"Add Library Definition File..."
    • Select "C:\users\your_name\multilib_design_kit\lib.def"
    • Press "Close"

Step 2: Install Design Guide

From the ADS main window menu

  • Select DesignGuide->Add DesignGuide...
  • Choose Global or Personal use
  • Select the just downloaded file "multilibdg.deb"

Please exit and restart ADS now.

Step 3: Install License Keys

  • Please contact for a license key.

Thank you very much for your patience, the installation procedure has finished!

Getting Started

  • There is an example for every MultiLib element in the MultiLib Design Guide.

Open an ADS Project

    • In your Schematic window: Select DesignGuide -> MultiLib Design Guide
      and choose one of the examples.

  • You get the online-manual from an ADS Schematic by: Double click on a MultiLib element -> press "Help" Button.

Please contact us, if you have any question.